Liste de produits par fabricant ULTRALIFE


A global corporation headquartered in Newark, New York, Ultralife has extensive North American as well as international operations in Europe

Experience and Expertise

Harnessing the collective design and engineering expertise of its operating units to provide a single resource for innovation, integration and custom design to meet the needs of its commercial, government and defense customers.  When it comes to power and communications solutions, we are a “one source, many solutions” provider.

ISO Certificates

Ultralife has held an ISO 9001 registration in portions of the organization since March of 1997. Third party registration by SAI GLOBAL has been maintained since that time, which provides a registered Quality Management System and facility for our customers. SAI GLOBAL is a leading provider of assessment and certification services for Quality Systems, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

The presence of an ISO 9001 Quality System substantiates that Ultralife meets the requirements for aerospace and defense business processes ranging from Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing.

Ultralife also operates two facilities that are registered to the requirements of ISO14001:2004. Our Newark, NY facility was registered by QMI, Inc. in January 2008.

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