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Alarm lithium battery BATLI05 3.6V 4Ah


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Original battery BatLi25 Daitem Atral

Applications: Motion sensor, smoke detector, keypad, the listener

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Capacité4 Ah

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Applications list (not exhaustive)

Motion sensor, smoke detector, keyboard listener

Use in Daitem (not exhaustive)

DAITEM motion detectors compact 8000 Series and 14000 Smoke detectors range 8000 and 14000: DP8161X, DP8162X, DP8163X, DO8164X, D14161X, D14162X, D14163X, D14164X, DP8156X Motion detectors range SPACE SPACE range keyboards External sensors range SPACE: 646-21F, 662-21F, 151-21X, 155-21X Smoke detectors range SPACE: 121-21X, 141-21X, 142-21X, 143-21X, 221-21X, 230-21X, 626-21F, 636-21F Listening and questioning Module 410-21F

Use in Logisty (not exhaustive)

Motion Outdoor LOGISTY range serentity: S620-22F, S662-22F, S230-22X, S141-22X, S142-22X, S143-22X, S144-22X, S121-22X, S232-22X, S233-22X, S234- 22X S235-22X, S151-22X

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Manufacturer Warranty 1 year Life 5 years

PROMOTION € 19.20 including all taxes instead of 30 € ttc

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